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We can combat ticks and their diseases in Central New York.

Just about everyone knows someone with or directly affected by a tick-borne disease. Peoples’ lives have been severely limited by a bite from a tiny tick. As well as profoundly affecting families, the disease has a broader economic impact, raises environmental issues and raises questions about insurance policies and payments.

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Latest News

calendarSeptember 13, 2021

CDC Podcast: Comparison of Lyme Disease in the United States and Europe

Good morning, Central New York! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently shared a new episode of their Emerging Infections Diseases Podcast to discuss Lyme in the United States and Europe. Check out the episode on Spotify below.... Read More

calendarSeptember 12, 2021

SUNY Upstate Conducting Lyme Research Study

The SUNY Upstate Institute for Global Health is recruiting volunteers for a clinical research study they are conducting on Lyme disease. Lyme disease can be unpleasant. It can cause fatigue, fever, joint pain, and other flu-like symptoms, as well as a rash. If you’re experiencing any of these common symptoms of Lyme disease following a... Read More

calendarJune 30, 2021

Alliance Tick Kit Distribution Pilot Kicks off at YMCA Camp Evergreen

Education Coordinator Merlin Marrain and Board Chair Anne Messenger had a wonderful time at Camp Evergreen today distributing our first Summer Tick Kits. We are especially grateful to the YMCA of Central New York for hosting us and the support of our generous sponsors, Excellus BCBS and Medical Weight Loss of New York, who are... Read More

Who is Affected?


Hikers, campers, children, adults, landscapers, gardeners, lawnmowers, farmers, pet owners, hunters, everyone. If you step outside and walk across the grass to your mailbox, if you're inside and open the door to let the dog in, if you live in a city or suburbs, if you're playing golf or soccer. Everyone is affected.

Learn About Lyme

I've been bitten by a tick

Do you think or know that you've been bitten by a tick? View our resources page for prevention tips as well as treatment options available to you.

Untreated Lyme disease can produce a wide range of symptoms, depending on the stage of infection. These include fever, rash, facial paralysis and arthritis. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a quick guide of common symptoms to look for in early and late-stage Lyme disease.