Tufts University School of Medicine researchers identified a key testing area that could help clinicians diagnose the disease sooner and determine efficacy of treatments. Learn what our medical team shares with us in regard to this research.

We agree with the Tufts University School of Medicine, the “Holy Grail” for Lyme disease testing isn’t just earlier detection — but helping to confirm an infection is resolved. This is one of the most common questions our doctors hear!

Our team is interested in seeing how this test fares among patients whose infection triggers underlying autoimmune responses. It may be difficult to differentiate active infection and autoimmune disease, potentially leading to long courses of unnecessary antibiotics.

It will be several years to determine if this test is a viable option for diagnosis and its other goals. As always, prevention is our best friend against Lyme and tick-borne disease!

The Alliance would like to remind readers this news is research and this testing is not available for use.

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