12 Gifts of Lyme Series – Day 8

For the eighth day of #12GiftsofLyme, Nina Walters shares a very important lesson her family has learned from Lyme disease after her son was diagnosed with Lyme in August of 2017. She reminds us that on top of all the physical symptoms of this disease, Lyme is often associated with a broad range of psychiatric reactions. Read More »

12 Gifts of Lyme Series – Day 6

The sixth participant in #12GiftsofLyme is Andrea Marshall. Her daughter Ava, pictured below, has battled Lyme since February. Like many others with Lyme, Ava did not present with the typical "bull's eye" rash, which made listening to her body all the more important! Read More »

12 Gifts of Lyme Series – Day 4

Our fourth participant in #12GiftsofLyme is a very familiar face in the Lyme community, Maddy Pinckney! Maddy has dealt with Lyme disease and its effects for 12 years. She uses her knowledge and experience to spread awareness and inspire hope for many through her blog and active social media presence! Read More »

12 Gifts of Lyme Series – Day 3

For the third day of #12GiftsofLyme, we are highlighting another member of the CNY Lyme Alliance family, Royale Scuderi. She has struggled with Lyme disease and its lasting impact for 10 years and is now helping build a community for those with chronic illnesses that are so often overlooked. Read More »

12 Gifts of Lyme Series – Day 1

The topic of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses can often be quite scary. This holiday season, we would like to increase awareness and strengthen our community with some positivity. For the next 12 days we will post statements from 12 people who have been affected by Lyme disease, and a gift or lesson that Read More »